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RIIVER is a singer/songwriter based in London. His acoustic pop songs are inspired by contemporary R&B and Soul. RIIVER has been featured on various different tracks that have been released through labels such as Sony Norway and Warner Music Germany. Others have reached great success independently as well.


In April RIIVER released his debut single “Young”. 

A song about the constant struggle we face of feeling behind in life and reminder that all we need is to return to the present moment.


Now the singer/songwriter released his new single on July 17th. An emotive ballad called “Next to Me”.  This song is about when you are in love with a really close friend of yours but that friend is (possibly) not in love with you. However, you don't even expect the other person to feel the way you do anymore. Unrequited love is hard; and you just want their company to help you through these tough times. Well..he’s been there, and many have, making it highly relatable to it's core.


RIIVER has been gaining a loyal fanbase through playing music on the streets, playing at bars and restaurants and connecting with his following on Social Media.

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RIIVER's new single is OUT NOW.

Listen to the full song here!

With his debut release "Young" RIIVER has gained over 27 thousand monthly Spotify listeners and counting, in only 3 months.

"Young" has been featured on various playlists including major Spotify curated playlists and independently reached over 160 thousand steams.

(As in July 2020)

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